Bank Robbery

The licensing clerk looked at her next customer and grimaced inwardly. It was Wally, right in front of her face. She didn’t enjoy these rare occasions when they met. If she wasn’t working right now, she’d turn around and stomp away. Instead of running, she smiled and said hello, as her memory traveled back to the past.

A year ago, they had been deeply in love. They’d bought a bottle of wine and a bottle of peppermint schnapps to enjoy over the weekend together. They made a pit stop at the bank to withdraw funds for the trip. They were en route to a local bed and breakfast, where they planned on stowing away for the entire time, enjoying drinks and each other’s company.

Just one more person in front of them and it would be their turn. Just as the customer started to walk away, movement caught Angela’s attention at the door. Some men, wearing black ski masks, rushed in, holding guns. She didn’t know what kind; just knew that they were black, big and scary looking.

The other people in the bank screamed and all scrambled to the floor, as directed. The last thing the leading robber said before shoving Angela and the other people in the bank vault would haunt her for at least the next year, if not longer. “Don’t make me agitated, or I’ll start offing you stinkin’ lot!”

Angela shivered with fear, standing amidst the other hostages. She looked up at Wally, wishing he was doing something to save her. “Can’t you do something, Wally? Anything?” she questioned. He looked down at her, grasping onto his chest, and shook his head. He looked as frightened as she did. He felt even more terror.

He had recognized the voice from the leader. His buddy, Seamus, was back in town and back to his old tricks. He stepped away from Angela and pounded on the door, hoping it would catch the attention of a thief outside. The door opened slowly, while the masked man pointed his weapon at the knocker. “Whatta ya want, ya wanker?” he said.

Wally put up his hands and looked down in fear. “If you talk to your leader, he knows me. You can let me go and I won’t say anything. Or let me out as a released hostage!” He looked up with hope.

Behind Wally, Angela gazed on in confusion. She knew that Wally had been in trouble before, but had no idea what it was for. Was this what he’d been in jail for before? She stumbled back as Wally was shoved backwards, as well. The gunman slammed the door once more and Wally stood up. He shook off Angela’s pleas for answers.

Refusing to answer his girlfriend, Wally walked toward the door again and pounded on the door. He was ignored for ten minutes; Angela stewed at the same spot in which Wally had left her.

The door to the vault swung open yet again. This time, it was the gang’s leader standing at the door. He stared at Wally with disdain. “What are you doin’ here, Skinny? I heard you died.” he demanded?

“Well, you heard wrong, Bobby. I just went straight. But I could help you. Let me out and I’ll help you all get away with it. We’ll tell them that you were hostages, too!” Wally responded. Angela gasped with surprise and dread.

Just then, the phone rang in the main room. Bobby turned slowly and waved his hand at his buddy. “Go answer that! Tell them we’ll get back to them!” he said and giggled hilariously. He turned at glared again at Wally. Wally grabbed at Bobby’s shirt and pleaded again for freedom.

Angela walked forward and stared at the two men. She couldn’t, wouldn’t believe that this was actually happening to her. Not only was she a hostage in a bank robbery, but she was also dating a former bank robber! “We’re done! I’m breaking up with you!” she shouted at Wally. He pushed her and said he didn’t care.

Bobby and Wally sauntered out of the vault together. They had grown very close all of a sudden. Bobby turned and looked around the room . “You there! Are you this guy’s girlfriend?” he questioned Angela. She shook her head and responded, “Not anymore, I’m not!” She was grabbed roughly by the shoulder and dragged out of the vault.

Bobby grabbed the ringing telephone and shouted for everyone to do as they were told. He told the law officer on the other end that they would need a cheese pizza, and an escort to the launch pad, where there better be a waiting plane!

Just then the windows started shattering, as bullets rang through the bank. The men in masks all crumbled to the floor, dead. So much for their demands….

Angela would forever remember being rushed out of the accosted bank by armed officers in black SWAT gear. Now, with Wally standing in front of her, she knew she would never forget. “I can’t help you, Wally. You should’ve died last year. You were no better than the criminals that robbed the bank. You would’ve joined in with them. If it hadn’t ended when it did, you would’ve left me. I have nothing to say to you. Good day!” she retorted and stalked away.

The End


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